Shower heads are extremely prone to a buildup of limescale, which can prevent the water from flowing correctly. Fortunately, if you need to clean limescale from your shower head, it will only take a few hours – and only a few minutes of cleaning effort from you! Below are the following steps that can be taken to clean shower heads, leaving them spotless and limescale-free.

But before you take that step, you need to choose your cleaning solution. The heavy-duty option is a store-bought solution formulated for calcium, lime and rust; you might choose this for a severely neglected showerhead. A cheaper and gentler choice is common household vinegar, which contains mild acids that break down mineral deposits. Unless you know you need to bring out the big guns, it’s worth trying vinegar first.

I started out with a really clogged shower head. This is the one in our older, not-yet-renovated washroom, but it’s the shower that we all use most often these days. Only about half of the little spray jets were actually working and you would almost always get sprayed right in the face when you were turning the shower on and trying to adjust the temperature. It was probably pretty funny, but it was also really really annoying.

Water massage settings have been around for years, but there are some other truly new features in today’s showerhead market, such as built-in bluetooth speakers and color-changing LED lights. If turning your shower into a disco isn’t your thing, you might try a thermostatic shut-off valve. This feature will automatically shut off your shower once it warms up to the desired temperature, saving water and taking the guesswork out of getting your shower just right. When you’re ready to get in, just tug the cord to resume water flow.
Your shower head is prone to buildup of all sorts of nasty stuff, and it can be a pain to clean if you do it the hard way. As Redditor IT_Serpent points out, you can cure your shower head of its grimy blockage with a bag of vinegar. All you have to do is fill the bag, place it around the shower head so it's submerged in the liquid, and tie it to the neck with a twist tie (or anything else, really). Leave it there overnight and the cleaning will be handled for you.