I believe this is what is on my vinyl tile shower walls. I have tried everything under the sun without any luck. Gal at Home Depot told me to try CLR, but that did not help either. In fact, it looks worse. I have been to many tile stores and bought all their different cleaners. I am about ready to give up. These shower walls were like this when I bought the property 5 years ago and they have not got worse as I make sure to wipe them down after every shower.
I did this at about 8am and I planned to leave it all day before checking my results, but Chris was working on something on our other renovation in our other bathroom that morning and about an hour later he decided he wanted to take a shower. I thought I’d have to restart this experiment afterwards, but to our surprise, when he took the bag off and turned the shower on, it worked perfectly!

With a wet scrubber sponge, wipe down the first area, using wide strokes to cover the most surface in the least amount of time, then rinse the sponge. Fill a cup with water and rinse the cleaned area. When the first section is done, spray the third section, then wipe and rinse the second, followed by the third. For any remaining grout stains, mix up one part bleach and two parts water in a spray bottle. Let it soak in for a few minutes. Turn on the shower for a minute so it can self-rinse, and give any outside-of-the-stream spots a quick splash with your cup.
Start by opening a window or door to ventilate the room, then grab your favorite tub-and-tile spray cleaner, like CLR Fresh Scent Bath and Kitchen Cleaner ($15, amazon.com). "Work on the shower in three vertical sections — this will cut down on fumes and prevent the cleaner from drying before you wipe it," says Forte. Spray the first section, covering both tile and tub, and give it a few minutes to penetrate. Then spray the second section, and let it soak while you clean the first.
Water massage settings have been around for years, but there are some other truly new features in today’s showerhead market, such as built-in bluetooth speakers and color-changing LED lights. If turning your shower into a disco isn’t your thing, you might try a thermostatic shut-off valve. This feature will automatically shut off your shower once it warms up to the desired temperature, saving water and taking the guesswork out of getting your shower just right. When you’re ready to get in, just tug the cord to resume water flow.

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Detach the shower head and, after consulting the manufacturer’s instructions for information specific to the model you own, extract the filter screen. (This can usually be found near the point where the shower head attaches to the water supply pipe.) Run the filter under the faucet while gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Once it’s clean, reassemble and reinstall the shower head and test it.
It is unusual to find showerheads which cannot be removed from their fittings, but if yours is one of the few, you can still clean it of limescale. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it securely with a rubber band around the showerhead. Make sure it is fully immersed. Once again leave it overnight and then run the shower to see how clean it is. The video above shows exactly how to do this.
Open the showerhead holes by soaking the head overnight in a vinegar bath and poking the loosened mineral scale free with a toothpick. Rinse the showerhead in tap water, then reinstall it by applying Teflon tape to the wall pipe threads, screwing it on and tightening it by reversing the technique in Photo 1. Complete the repair by turning on the cold water in the shower and blasting out any remaining mineral gunk to make sure you have a clean shower head.
The cleaning gals used real lemon juice they squeezed on the show. Put the juice in a baggie, put the shower head in the baggie, zipped it up and left it at least 15-20 minutes (show time) then took it out, rinsed it off, polished it and reinstalled it. Looked good to me. Of course, they said, it could take a longer or shorter time depending on how blocked the shower head was. Just keep soaking it until it is clean.

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