Easy showerhead cleaning begins with the removal of the showerhead from the pipe extending from the wall. If this proves to be difficult or impossible, don’t worry — we’ll show you a workaround in this article — but completely removing the showerhead makes this task substantially simpler. A thorough cleaning often involves clearing out individual nozzles, and that work is much easier on the arms when you’re not working above your head.
Never mind my earlier question. I should’ve watched the video BEFORE I submitted my question. The video answered my question. It’s much simpler than I was thinking. I was trying to avoid having to detach the hose from the spout coming out of the wall. But after watching that video, I see that that’s not necessary, that I can just let it soak in vinegar in the bag while it hangs on its hook. So please disregard my earlier question. Once again, thanks for the handy dandy tip!!
Try buying LemiShine detergent booster at your grocery store next to the dishwasher detergent. Fill part of your dispenser or throw a little in the bottom of your dishwasher every time you run it and after several uses you will begin to notice your glasses start to look like new and it keeps your dishwasher looking good inside too. My husband and I battled this problem for years until a friend told me about LemiShine and I couldn’t believe how well it worked!

how to clean a shower head